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Live fields provide user with ability to create dynamic queries based on values from various sources. Following live fields are supported inside <Query> property:
  • [QS:abc] - value from Query String parameter, where abc is parameter's name.
Following example will return items based on "id" parameter specified in the query string:
               <FieldRef Name="ID"/>
                    <Value Type="Integer">[QS:id]</Value>
  • [Login] - current user's login name; domain\user format
  • [UserName] - current user's display name
  • [UserID] - current user's sharepoint ID
  • [Now] - current date/time in 2008-04-10 13:30:00Z format (Universal sortable date/time pattern)
  • [SNow] - current date in short date format
  • [Now+/-n] - current date plus/minus number of days, where n is number of days.
  • [FirstMonthDay] - first day of the month
  • [LastMonthDay] - last day of the month
  • [SPWeb.ID] - ID of the current web (Guid)
  • [SPWeb.ID.D] - ID of the current web using "D" formatting
  • [SPWeb.Properties[abc]] - web property for current web, where abc is property name.
  • [SPWeb.Title] - Title of the current web

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