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Rollup Grid webpart is optimized for displaying information in tabular format while prodiving the same powerful support for DataSources as Rollup Content Data View webpart. Rollup Grid webpart alleviates the burden of configuring XSLT by using Ajax enabled grid.



  • Edit DataSources - contains datasource definition that will be used to retrieve data. Supports all of available datasources.
  • Edit Columns - contains definition for columns. Provides ability to specify separate header text and data column name.
    • Column Types supported:
      • TextColumn
      • DateTimeColumn
      • NumberColumn
      • BooleanColumn
      • UserColumn
      • DynamicColumn
<ColumnCollection xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns="ColumnsScheme">

    <HeaderText>Modified By</HeaderText>


    <HeaderText>Project Name</HeaderText>
    <Format>&lt;a href="{_SiteUrl}"&gt;{ProjectName}&lt;/a&gt;</Format>

  • Generate Columns - webpart will attempt to generate columns based on the specified datasource.
  • Page Size - integer, number of results to display per page.
  • Debug Mode - enables debug mode that outputs specific error messages and processing stats

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