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Rollup Content Data View webpart is the preferred webpart for aggregating list information. It offers the most flexibility for customizing appearance (full SharePoint Designer support) and supports all of available data sources.

  • Data Rollup Properties
    • DataSource Editor - contains datasource definition and its properties used to retrieve data.
    • Replace NameChanged - when filtering is enabled via SharePoint Designer, replaces the standard function with an alternative one that fixes an issue of duplicate entries appearing in filter options.
  • Data View Properties
    • XSL Editor – String containing the XSL used to format the dataset for display on the page.
    • Parameters Editor – Contains Parameter Bindings used by SharePoint when Data View sorting and grouping is enabled via XSL. They should not be modified unless this functionality is directly involved.
    • Data Rollup Properties
      • Fix Sorting – This optional property specifies additional processing that improves sorting functionality when sorting is configured in the XSL.
      • Debug – This option can be used to output the Data Source being rolled up on the page. It is useful when you want to see a plain text representation of the data without any XSL formatting.


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