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Contains a series of List elements. A container for a series of actions performed on a given list. Identify the list by its Title:

<List Title="Documents" Delete="true"></List>

<List name="[Department] Calender" EnableContentTypes="true">
   <UpdateTitle Set="{{SPWeb.Title}} Documents" />
   <FixupView Name="All Documents">
      <InjectCTypeFields Position="5">
         <LessField Name="Title" />
         <ViewField Name="Title" />
   <FixupACL RoleAssignments="BreakClean">
      <PrincipalRole Action="Add" Name="{{SPWeb.Title}} Owners" Type="SiteGroup" Role="Full Control" />
      <Field DisplayName="RRA Owner">
         <Default>{{SPWeb.Title}} Blah</Default>
            <Choice>{{SPWeb.Title}} Blah</Choice>
         <Description>{{SPWeb.Title}} Blah!!!</Description>

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