• Provisioner - Gain control of the site creation process to control security, navigation, data initialization and much more


Image Rotator Web Part

PS Config Tool

  • PS Config Tool - An easy way to store key/value pairs in Site Property Bag along with a quickly accessible user-friendly UI webpage for admins

WSS Sync

  • WssSync - Synchronize sharepoint resources with your hard drive. Very useful for deploying content between environments

PowerShell Scripts

  • GAC Installer - Allows installing assemblies to GAC on machines without gacutil and without disabling User Account Control
  • WSP Downloader - Downloads deployed solutions from WSS 3.0 to hard drive
  • Webpart Identifier - Identify webparts given an ID. Useful during migrations
  • Web.config mods - Applies web.config modifications using an annotated input file containing deltas that need to be imported
  • Update User Profiles - Update user profiles with multipurpose powershell c# compiler.

Other Tools

  • WssDeploy - a remote server deployment and debugging assistance tool integrated with Visual Studio 2008

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