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CrossSiteDataSource with Scope="Web" returns Recursive results

Apr 19, 2010 at 2:56 AM

I am using the CrossSiteDataSource with  Scope="Web" and a TopLevelSite set. It is returning items from that Top Level Site and from all child sites. It is returning the same as when i set the Scope="Recursive". Is there a bug with the Scope="Web" setting? Or am I misunderstanding the expected behavior?

I have an announcements web part on my TopLevelSite and I want to display those announcements on some other site's home page. I only want the announcements from the TopLevelSite to roll to the sub sites. Currently, all announcements from all sub sites are rolling in. I though that if i set Scope="Web" it should only pull from the web site defined in the TopLevelSite. If i wanted all sub sites to be included I would use Scope="Recursive"